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The WHOA Agency

#1 Branding & Career Development Agency For Actors

The WHOA Agency isn’t a traditional talent agency. We’re a Branding and Talent Development agency that serves as career navigators. At our agency, we discover and elevate talent to new heights in their career. We offer a range of services to help you succeed in the entertainment industry, Whether it's aiding in the acquisition of representation, training, coaching, casting, and building PR campaign around achievements.


If you are seeking representation (in the traditional sense) We have a partnership with Kreativ Artists, who specialize in traditional representation and can submit talent to SAG projects. If you are interested, we have a referral program in place.

Due to the high volume of submissions. We do not accept unsolicited materials or submissions that are not referrals. All prospective clients are required to meet with our CEO for a WHOA CONSULTATION, which is also a Career Assessment, to review and provide feedback on your materials, determine your goals, and determine if we can meet your requirements.

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